V247 Mobile and Pinless

vien lien feature card

Feature Card

Add more features to your plan for only $5 or $10
Must select a plan before adding the Feature Card.
Feature Card is added to unlimited plans only.
  • Picture message
  • 10¢
  • Web
  • 5¢/MB
  • International Text Messages
  • 10¢
  • International Pictures Messages
  • 10¢
No expiration*
Never lose your unused balance
V247 Feature Card helps you to connect with friends and family overseas

Notice: The feature card will not provide additional voice and text messages as these features are already unlimited.

* Feature Card balance expires on the same day your V247 UNLIMITED plan expires unless your current unlimited plan is recharged to extend your service expiration. When your current plan is recharge the balance from Feature card will also be rolled over.

Feature Card

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