V247 Mobile and Pinless


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Ask: Does VienLien247 replace my current long distance telephone service?

Answer: No. VienLien247 is convenient and easy-to-use without any disruption to your current long distance company. When customers use our V247 Toll Free or Local DID Access Number, our service bypasses your long distance carrier to connect your calls. Customers can use V247 account from any phone worldwide at anytime.

Ask: How does VienLien247 connect my calls?

Answer: When customers dial VienLien247 Local DID or Toll Free Access Number, our system immediately identifies your phone number that is linked to your account on file. Your call will automatically be connected. V247 telephone system will also update your balance with the remaining minutes on your account after you input the destination phone number.

Ask: Why does the system sometimes ask for my PIN number?

Answer: Local phone companies and mobile phone providers do not always send the correct Caller ID information to the telephone systems for identification. When this occurs, the V247 system must reply your PIN number to verify your correct account.

Ask: Why does my call sometimes get disconnected in the middle of a conversation?

Answer: Generally, calls to or from mobile phones are not as reliable as land line calls. A brief signal loss can disconnect a call. Issues such as voice congestion, extreme weather, and heavy usage at peak hours or during the holidays may downgrade the voice quality and cause disconnection.

Ask: What should I do when I experience poor voice quality?

Answer: Sometimes customers may experience a connection to a poorly performing voice channel. We recommend that you disconnect the call and wait a few minutes to call again. If this continues after redialing 3 or 4 times, please wait a few hours before trying your call again.

Ask: How does the VienLien247 speed dialing service work?

Answer: Customers may assign a 1-2 digit identification code (ID) for any phone number. The V247 system will remember the ID code for each phone number entered. To save time by using the speed dialing featue, just enter the ID code. VienLien247 will automatically dial the registered number for you. Customers may register up to 99 phone numbers for speed dialing under the PHONE section of your account.

Ask: Why are there different rates with calls to Saigon?

Answer: Telephone service in Saigon is divided into the following areas: Calls to land line, which offer the lowest rates. Slight higher rates apply to large-province land lines (onnet), smaller-province land lines (offnet) and all mobile phones. Due to the high cost of connecting calls to mobile phones, the highest rate applies when calling a mobile phone in Saigon.

Ask: How does VienLien247 secure my payments made with my credit card?

Answer: The VienLien247 system is protected by three powerful firewalls. All sensitive information that is exchanged and stored on VienLien247 servers is encrypted with an industry leading Thawte 256-bit SSL digital certificate. VienLien247 processes credit card payments directly to our credit processing partner, Bank of America, and not with a third party processor.

Ask: Do you charge any extra or hidden fees?

Answer: No. Customers only pay for the long distance minutes you used. There is no connection fees, additional surcharges or taxes. However, customers may incur additional fees from 3rd parties in the following situations. 1. Mobile phone customers: (a) Block out the international long distance service with your mobile phone provider. When customers mistakenly press the "TALK" or "SEND" key after the destination phone number, this triggers the mobile provider to disconnect from the V247 system, and instead, connect the call via its own long distance service. These rates are always much higher as compared to the V247 plans. Be sure to check your remaining credit when you make subsequent calls to ensure that your previous call was charged to your account. (b) A mobile service provider may add a carrier surcharge when you are using your mobile phone. Check with tour mobile service provider if you are within the free nights and weekend period to avoid carrier charges when using your V247 account. 2. Land line customers: To receive the lowest rates from V247, customers may dial by using our V247 Local DID Access Numbers in your area code. In some areas, local phone companies may charge for placing c call. So check with your phone carrier first if your Local DID Access Number is gratuitous. You can avoid all fees by using our V247 Toll Free Access Number which is long distance charge always free.