V247 Mobile and Pinless


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With V247 Pinless, you will enjoy...

    Crystal clear call quality
    Fastest connection
    Worldwide connection
    No contracts
    No disruption to your current phone services
    No monthly fees or additional fees
    No connection fees
    No need to remember PIN numbers
    No expiration date
    Easy online management and payments
    Online Statements
    Exclusive Features:

  •         Speed dial your favorite numbers
  •         Calls are automatically routed to the best connections
  •         Up-to-date balance after each call.

One Click

Đăng tại Pinless_EN

Feature "US One-Click" V247 has just set up a new feature called “One-Click”. Customers just set up once and add phone numbers into the phone book. This feature allows customer to use v247 services to make an international call without entering the destination number (international phone number) and same as calling a number in the US.

Feature "VN One-Click" To help customers in Vietnam use international calling services of V247 easily and simply. V247 has just set up a new feature called “VN One-Click”. Customers just have to set up once and save the phone number into the phone book.

Note Using One - Click, we would like to recommend that you should stop lines International call with your cell phone company to avoid the case press wrong phone number make you have been charged fees International call.