V247 Mobile and Pinless

Dialing instructions

01 Dial the V247 Local Access or Toll Free Number In the US or Canada- Dial the V247 Local Access Number
or Toll Free number.
In Vietnam- Dial the Vietnam DID number.
The operator will state your available credit.

02 Enter the destination phone number Calling a land line number overseas: Dial country code + area code + number + "#" Calling a mobile number overseas: Dial country code + number + "#" Calling a US or Canadian number: Dial 1+ number
+ "#"

notice : DO NOT PRESS the TALK or SEND keys after the destination number.

US/Canadian calls - Must dial "1" before number.
Please dial country code + number. Overseas calls - It is no longer necessary to dial "011".


Calling from Houston, Texas to a land line in Dong Nai province, Vietnam. (555-8888).

Step 1: Dial V247 Pinless Local Access Number for Houston, Texas (281-657-1333).
Step 2: Operator will state your balance.
Step 3: Call to Vietnam: country code (44) + province area code (208) + phone number + "#"