V247 Mobile and Pinless


Beginning 12/1/2012, if you buy minute from value over $ 35 your relatives will get free minutes call to the US.


  • Buy from $35 - $99  your relatives in Viet Nam will get free 10 minutes call to the US.
  • Buy from $100  your relatives will get free $ 50 minutes call to the US.

No fees charge, minute bonus unlimited time, direct instructions how to call. It really simple,convenient and easy to use for all the guests in Viet Nam. Please contact us directly by phone number 909-999-8247 for more information.

V247 2013 Calendar Giveaways

Beginning 11/01/2012, if you are interested in receiving a 2013 Calendar of V247, please email your requests to info@vienlien247.com, (include the information: full name, address, and the phone number registered with V247), or contact Customer Service at 281 988 9188 or 909 999 8247.

Calendars will arrive during the month of December 2012.


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